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5 Mar

This weeks winner for the Remind Insoles Foot pain story goes to Jordan Grados.  Thanks Jordan for reaching out and sharing your story with us!  We deeply feel for you  and hopefully these can ease your pain! Here is his story:

Hello my name is Jordan Grados and i think i have a good foot pain story for you guys. I am 26 now but ive been dealing with ankle/ foot pain now for many years. I have very bad flat feet so over the years growing up the doctors all told me “oh its just growing pains” well, after years of hearing that and hardly being able to walk after a long day of work or day on my feet. i went to my neighbor who is a hip/knee MD and he looked up Dr. Hasselman for me out of UPMC Pittsburgh. i went to him he took a look at my flats and said “wow why didnt you come to me as a child.” i was then so pist at my family doctors gorwing up. long story short i had a tarsal bone coalition done to both feet. i was living in Colorado at the time so i had to drive back and forth for 2 years to get the surgery on both feet. well that didnt really help. i forgot to add that i was using orthotics as well. so after those 2 surgeries i went back to him because my right ankle/foot kept giving out. so we did some test and a ct scan and he said i need the big surgery. that consisted of 3 incisions. one on my calf where they tore my achilles tendon to lengthen it. one on the inside of my foot where they put a cadaver piece of bone and another incision on the outside of my foot to take some bone out and to shave some out. im not a doctor but this doctor is to be one of the best so i went with it. My snowboard season has been shot down and we are having one of the best winters in PA right now. The doctor also did a lot more but i forget all the med talk.
My status right now after having surgery in October is moderate i guess. I am still in a lot of pain and still going to physical therapy. i could go on and on like about how many cast ive been in and all that stuff but i dont want to put the bore on you guys.

I have been checking out your site and being the big snowboarder that i am im just reaching out to any help that you could give. I saw that u were giving away some free orthotics for a good story. well mine i think is over the top and some. Id love to hear back from you guys and look forward to soon be feeling better. Thank you for your time.

-Jordan Grados

Travis Rice and Mark Carter In Neverland

4 Mar

check out Remind Insoles riders Travis Rice and Mark Carter in the Absinthe movie “Neverland”

Kevin Jones Action Figure

3 Mar
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