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Remind Insoles Feel Better

9 Oct

Snowboard-Mag Editor’s Pick

7 Oct

Nate Deschenes Pick’s Remind Insoles in The Snowboard-Mag Buyers Guide

Rainy Day @ Ninestar

6 Oct

Parillo Painting

4 Oct

Mike Parillo’s first artistic tool was not a paintbrush, it was a shovel. Back when most of us were still falling-leaf heel sliding down bunny hills (or skiing), Parillo was hand crafting snowboarding’s first serious terrain parks. From the depths of his imagination, demented shapes and forms were called forth and sculpted into mountains of snow for the leaders of the new school nation to play on. And so it was that the style of snowboarding made a great evolutionary leap, using Parillo’s bold inventiveness as a launching pad.
One of the innovators from this early scene, snowboarding legend Jamie Lynn, inspired Parillo to try his hand at painting. Jamie then used one of his first pieces as a graphic for one of the boards in his Lib Tech pro-model series. Volcom used another in their landmark video, The Garden. And the rest, as they say, is history. Parillo has been a creative force, working quietly behind the scenes, ever since. His paintings have been shown in solo shows from Europe to California. His art has been displayed on snowboard bases every year since 1995, adorning many beloved board series like Lib Tech’s Emmagator line, Terje’s Balance line, Burton’s early Customs, and Travis Rice’s 2006/07, 2008/09, and forth coming 2010/11 pro models—to name a few.
Parillo now serves as Asymbol’s Art Director and Artist Liaison. He is the curator of the entire Asymbol art collection, and is responsible for overseeing the integrity of the art reproduction process. His mission is to ensure that all printed pieces hold up to each artist’s highest standards of quality before they get passed on to you.

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