Jim Phillips 25th Anniversary Artist Interview

20 Dec

Legendary skate artist, Jim Phillips, is single-handedly responsible for creating some of the most iconic skateboard graphics of all time! And that’s a fact little ones.

You see, Phillips began his attack on the world of skate art when he was appointed art director of Santa Cruz Skateboards back in 1975. He went on to produce countless iconic logos and graphics that have since become fully embedded in the skate culture we know today.

In honor of the CCS 25 Year Anniversary deck & tee featuring Jim’s own Screaming Hand graphic, we spoke with Mr. Phillips about all things surrounding the legendary severed hand!

Where did the idea for the Screaming Hand come from? It started when I was a kid. I used to draw a lot of surfing pictures and then I would have this clenched hand sticking out of the water somewhere like a drowning surfer. Sometimes there would be a shark fin circling. It got to be a character that I would draw on my schoolbook covers and notebook doodles. Let’s face it; I used to doodle a lot more than pay attention to the lessons.

Read More: CCS


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