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Remind Insoles Cush Review on Poweredge

5 Mar

Poweredge Magazine put out a nice little review on our CUSH insole…

“Many people like low profile footwear that provides a loose and airy fit because their steps aren’t bogged down by excessive cushion, but most if not all low profile shoes are sorely lacking in the insole department.

Remind Insoles’ Cush Insoles originally struck me as only working in a functional capacity with snowboard boots or some shoe that truly required that you have a thicker insole. In both cases I’m right, but in my research I found that they work really well in low profile shoes, too. They work incredibly well in the Supra TK stacks. I loved skating those shoes with the Cush Insoles because I knew that when I landed it wasn’t going to hurt, and my ankles felt supported.

For the most cushion for the pushing replace your shoes’ stock, paper-thin insoles with the Cush. You’re going to notice that while walking your stride is better and while skating you’ll feel a major change in board feel with more security for your feet and ankles. The fact that they mold to your feet will make you feel like you’re wearing a brand new shoe made just for you. I brought out some old beaters to wear them in and you couldn’t tell me that my old worn shoes were a disgrace because I felt like I was wearing some brand new sneakers.

The reason for this lies is in the insole’s four-part construction. Combining varying types and amounts of foam and gel, they’ve created the ideal mix for a self forming shoe insert. The top layer is a thermo-forming rubberized foam and below that is a foam-gel mixture which molds to your feet’s dimensions. From your heel to the base of your toes is a layer of Viscoelastic gel that alleviates pressure points and provides superb support. The most interesting part of the insole is the deep-heel seat which features extra gel padding. It functions as a shock absorber but doubles as a source of stability.

People looking for a low-cost (under $30), highly orthotic insole solution, without using a syringe or some scissors, will love Remind Insoles’ products. No assembly required, and they work right out of the box. Within a week of wearing these insoles you’ll notice a major difference in your movements and it’s all due to having happy feet. When your feet are happy, you’re happy. When you’re happy, you skate better. When you skate better, you get hotter chicks, so stay reminded with Remind Insoles.”

Check out full article here


27 Feb

Boo Johnson and his little brother Isaiah killing it.


20 Jul

Nick Tucker talks about those long days of skating a park and still having the energy to hit some big ass stairs!
Also Featuring: OFWGLui, James Espinoza and George Ramirez
Film and Edit By: Jose Burger Barajas

Bangin! – Walker Ryan

15 Jul

Travis Rice Testimonial on Remind Insoles

28 Jun

Travis Rice Snowboarding extraordinaire, talks about his experience with Remind Insoles and how they are they only insoles that work for him after ten years of testing all sorts of other products. with his trusted kinesiologist Doctor body testing abilities, Travis explains that the reason that makes Remind Insoles Superior, the amount of support is perfect to where all the nerves and functions of the foot can still fire and allow for better balance control stability and comfort. When your body is being pushed to the limits as someone like Travis is on the daily, it is good to know that your Insole is working for you and not against you.

Walker Ryan For Remind Insoles

20 Jun

Walker Ryan gives us his review on the great heel support arch support and bruise protection that Remind Insoles has to offer.

Remind Memorial Weekend

2 Jun

Remind Insoles Memorial day weekend with Boo Johnson James Espinoza and Eddie Mighty Moreno at Memorial Skate Park.

Remind Day With Boo Johnson

13 May

Remind Insoles takes a skate day with Boo Johnson. Starting it off with a quick warm up session at Paul Rodriguez Skate Park and then headed over to Lincoln Skate Park for the Chico De Mayo DVS shoe release party for Chico Brenes. Cold Modelo’s, Lot’s of homies, Good Music, carne asada tacos and
product tosses. More cushion for the pushin.

chico brenes

” No More Heel Bruise, No More Knee Aches No More Back Pains… You’ll Love them Trust me”

Paul Shier Keen on Remind Insoles

25 Apr

Paul Shier shoes are a much happier place now skating with Remind Insoles. More Cushion For The Pushin

The Skateboard Mag Product Geek

21 Apr

Check out The Skateboard Mag Issue 87.  Remind Insoles has a spot in the Product geek review Section.

Chico Brenes Testimonial

8 Apr

Chico Brenes fills us in on his knee problems in the past and how Remind Insoles has helped cure his patella tendinitis or “Jumpers Knee.” More Cushion for the Pushin.

Chico Brenes Giveaway

8 Apr

Enter to win Chico Brenes Giveaway by purchasing from the Remind Insoles Store and on checkout use the coupon code: chico
Not only will that get you 15% Off your order but you’ll be automatically entered to win a box full of Chico’s product from his sponsors.

Prizes Include: Autographed Chocolate skateboards, DVS/Chocolate Collab
shoes, Autobahn Wheels, LRG Tees, LRG DVD’s “Give Me My Money Chico”
Stickers, and More…

Each Item Purchased on the Store gets you an additional Raffle Ticket

5 Lucky Winners will be selected.

Contest ends April 22nd, 2011

Chico will Draw Names to select Winners.

Good Luck!

Chad Tim Tim’s Back for Remind Insoles

30 Mar

Chad Tim Tim tells us about a back injury he endured while skateboarding and how Remind Insoles gives him the proper heel and arch support needed to prolong his skating. The mission of Remind Insoles is to prolong the health and longevity of skateboarding by promoting care and awareness for the body and feet. “More Cushion For The Pushin”

Remind Insoles available at Skate Warehouse

23 Mar

Remind Insoles is now available at Skate Warehouse.  Skate Warehouse is  an Online skateboard store offering decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, videos, shoes, clothing and accessories. Offers completes that are custom configured. Check em out here:

Remind Insoles Lizard King Testimonial

31 Jan

Lizard King, Remind Insoles skate team rider tells his experience with how jumping off roofs is all good with Remind Insoles in your shoes.

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