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Kyle Clancy is Pro For Smokin Snowboards

21 Jul

Thats Right, You read it correctly. Smokin Snowboards is very proud to announce the signing of Kyle Clancy to the Smokin Snowboards team. After years of slaying it in the backcountry and urban settings all over the world, Kyle has finally landed with us to create something amazing and fresh in the industry. He has had numerous video parts over the years, from 4 minute enders in Grenade movies to significant parts in “The Community Project” and “That’s It, That’s All”. Most notably for this upcoming season, Kyle will continue with his tradition of filming with Brain Farm’s Curt Morgan and Travis Rice for their new project . You can see Clancy all over the place in the magazines so check him out in print as well as at http://www.SmokinSnowboards.com. His new pro model will be available this fall and features a Noah Salasnek tribute throwback graphic.


Blue Bird “Dobre Hombres” Teaser

22 Jun

Remind Insoles Product Review on The Angry Snowboarder

28 May

In the daily war we wage on our knees and back on the slopes we have an ally in Remind Insoles. A company that specializes in aftermarket insoles for those of us that need it. Here’s what I thought of the product after 6 months of trying it out.

Product: Remind Cush Aftermarket Insole

Purpose: Provide you better arch support than what is given in your footwear whether it’s your skate shoes or snowboard boots. I used these in my daily shoes for 6 months to see how they would hold up over time and how well they worked. Plus I have blown customs in my snowboard boots and refuse to use anything else.

Fit: The big thing with any insole is if it fits in your shoe, your foots arch, and your foot shape. I initially found these to be a bit too much arch right away for my lack of an arch, but as they’re self forming after a week they molded to my arch. I was told to speed up this process you could hit them with a hair dryer if need be.

Features: Self forming memory foam and gel in the heels.

Conditions: Wore these for 6 plus months in my high tops and did everything from stand around for 12 hours to bar tending during Octoberfest.

Pros: Anything that gives you better arch support is a plus in my books. These things have done what they intended to do and my lower back is thanking me for it now. It’s a snowboarder owned company and designed from a guy that knows first hand how much we need foot support.


Jackson Hole Snowboarder Mag Party

11 Jan

This is one of those events that we look forward to every year.  Jesse Brown Hands down, throws the sickest parties in Jackson. All the Homies flocked in for the event along with Justin Timberlake.  Seriously? yeah…  This year the Million Dollar Bar hosted the venue with appearance from Brother Ali.  I haven’t seen that dude perform since I was Like 16…  It was epic!

Chad Otterstrom and Celia 





Crump and Varga

Russ, Chuck T, And his Lady

Rice Rocket

Chad and Silent Greg

Rice and Andy Irons

Candice and Brody Dr. REMIND Thompson

El and Ed

Elliot and Trish the Dish

Me and Gia

Brother Ali

Check out Justin Timberlake and Brother Ali killing it.

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