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Travis Rice Testimonial on Remind Insoles

28 Jun

Travis Rice Snowboarding extraordinaire, talks about his experience with Remind Insoles and how they are they only insoles that work for him after ten years of testing all sorts of other products. with his trusted kinesiologist Doctor body testing abilities, Travis explains that the reason that makes Remind Insoles Superior, the amount of support is perfect to where all the nerves and functions of the foot can still fire and allow for better balance control stability and comfort. When your body is being pushed to the limits as someone like Travis is on the daily, it is good to know that your Insole is working for you and not against you.

Walker Ryan For Remind Insoles

20 Jun

Walker Ryan gives us his review on the great heel support arch support and bruise protection that Remind Insoles has to offer.

Remind Memorial Weekend

2 Jun

Remind Insoles Memorial day weekend with Boo Johnson James Espinoza and Eddie Mighty Moreno at Memorial Skate Park.

Chico Brenes Giveaway Winners

26 Apr

The Chico Brenes Remind Insoles Giveaway ended last Friday and the Winners have been Chosen!

Chico gave away Autographed Chocolate skateboards, DVS/Chocolate Collab
shoes, Autobahn Wheels, LRG Tees, LRG DVD’s “Give Me My Money Chico”
Stickers, and More…

Here are the Lucky names of the Winners that Chico Picked and the prizes they won!

1st Place Clarence Kwok (California)

2nd Place David Kennedy  (West Virginia)

3rd Place James Takitch (Florida)

4th Place Mike Powell (Virginia)

5th Place Gil Ontiveros (Califonia)

If your name is on the list then be expecting a package thanks to Chico!

Lizard’s Wild Kingdom

26 Apr

Lizard King just launched his new website Lizard’s Wild Kingdom with a heap of video clips, a blog and the Lizardboard (his personalized soundboard) which is also available as an iPhone app.

Paul Shier Keen on Remind Insoles

25 Apr

Paul Shier shoes are a much happier place now skating with Remind Insoles. More Cushion For The Pushin

The Skateboard Mag Product Geek

21 Apr

Check out The Skateboard Mag Issue 87.  Remind Insoles has a spot in the Product geek review Section.

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