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Travis Rice Testimonial on Remind Insoles

28 Jun

Travis Rice Snowboarding extraordinaire, talks about his experience with Remind Insoles and how they are they only insoles that work for him after ten years of testing all sorts of other products. with his trusted kinesiologist Doctor body testing abilities, Travis explains that the reason that makes Remind Insoles Superior, the amount of support is perfect to where all the nerves and functions of the foot can still fire and allow for better balance control stability and comfort. When your body is being pushed to the limits as someone like Travis is on the daily, it is good to know that your Insole is working for you and not against you.

Parillo Painting

4 Oct

Mike Parillo’s first artistic tool was not a paintbrush, it was a shovel. Back when most of us were still falling-leaf heel sliding down bunny hills (or skiing), Parillo was hand crafting snowboarding’s first serious terrain parks. From the depths of his imagination, demented shapes and forms were called forth and sculpted into mountains of snow for the leaders of the new school nation to play on. And so it was that the style of snowboarding made a great evolutionary leap, using Parillo’s bold inventiveness as a launching pad.
One of the innovators from this early scene, snowboarding legend Jamie Lynn, inspired Parillo to try his hand at painting. Jamie then used one of his first pieces as a graphic for one of the boards in his Lib Tech pro-model series. Volcom used another in their landmark video, The Garden. And the rest, as they say, is history. Parillo has been a creative force, working quietly behind the scenes, ever since. His paintings have been shown in solo shows from Europe to California. His art has been displayed on snowboard bases every year since 1995, adorning many beloved board series like Lib Tech’s Emmagator line, Terje’s Balance line, Burton’s early Customs, and Travis Rice’s 2006/07, 2008/09, and forth coming 2010/11 pro models—to name a few.
Parillo now serves as Asymbol’s Art Director and Artist Liaison. He is the curator of the entire Asymbol art collection, and is responsible for overseeing the integrity of the art reproduction process. His mission is to ensure that all printed pieces hold up to each artist’s highest standards of quality before they get passed on to you.

The Stash

30 Sep

This winter, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming will have some new features to offer riders with the completion of the first Stash in the Rockies.

Burton Snowboards, Jackson Hole, pro riders, Snow Park Technologies, and the local Stash park crew have been working on the terrain park that features only natural elements. The Stash is only located at five other resorts worldwide: Northstar-at-Tahoe, USA; Avoriaz, France; The Remarkables, New Zealand; Flachauwinkl Resort, Austria; and Killington Resort, USA.

“The Stash concept is to use whatever indigenous materials and features the mountain has to offer – like rock walls, trees and drops – then enhance them a bit to create the ultimate natural park so riders can take their freestyle riding to the next level,” says Jeff Boliba, Global Resort Director at Burton Snowboards. “Riders like Jussi Oksanen have been helping with the Jackson Hole Stash, scoping the best lines and creating new features that will be super fun to ride.”

The Stash is scheduled to open this winter with four different runs and over 50 different features. Chain saw artist Bob King created 20 carvings that will be located around the Stash, one of which is a moose that riders can use like an up-rail. Burton team rider Jussi Oksanen came up with several features, as well as Jackson locals Bryan Iguchi, Rob Kingwill, and Travis Rice.

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Kyle Clancy is Pro For Smokin Snowboards

21 Jul

Thats Right, You read it correctly. Smokin Snowboards is very proud to announce the signing of Kyle Clancy to the Smokin Snowboards team. After years of slaying it in the backcountry and urban settings all over the world, Kyle has finally landed with us to create something amazing and fresh in the industry. He has had numerous video parts over the years, from 4 minute enders in Grenade movies to significant parts in “The Community Project” and “That’s It, That’s All”. Most notably for this upcoming season, Kyle will continue with his tradition of filming with Brain Farm’s Curt Morgan and Travis Rice for their new project . You can see Clancy all over the place in the magazines so check him out in print as well as at http://www.SmokinSnowboards.com. His new pro model will be available this fall and features a Noah Salasnek tribute throwback graphic.

Travis Rice Interview

18 Jul

Travis Rice talks about his new Video coming out “Flight”

Adam Dowell Is More Metal than you!

19 Jun

Adam Dowell lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where the mountains are big and the women are lacking. He warms up on lines that would make most people crap their pants and curl up into the fetal position, all while listening to metal. He’s paid his dues, worked his ass off to get where he’s at, and now he wants to give you some answers to some questions I shot at him. So here’s a look into one of Jackson Holes up and comers.

The obligatory sponsors list?

Camber or Reverse Camber which one do you ride and why?

AD: For filming I like camber. I know it and can trust it to perform. I’ve ridden reverse before but I’d say it’s just fun on a pow day at the resort.

Jackson Hole has some serious snowboard legends there, what was it like growing up in the presence of these guys and how has it helped shape you as a rider?

AD: I feel very blessed to have the roll models I do here in Jackson. Every one of them is on the level and takes snowboarding seriously. I was very lucky that my brother Brodi was a pro back in the day and so I sort of had an in with guys like Bryan Iguchi, Lance Pitman, Rob Kingwill, and Willie Mcmillon. I definitely had to prove that I deserved to ride with them, but they all took me under their wing which is important in snowboarding. Rice was only a few years older than me so him and I were friends before we ever even rode together. I work very hard in the backcountry with the people I ride with around here because they’re all extremely knowledgeable and don’t fuck around. A major part of being the youngest guy in the crew is the fact that those guys will make you hit shit first and prove yourself which has for sure shaped my riding.

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