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Blue Bird “Dobre Hombres” Teaser

22 Jun

Adam Dowell Is More Metal than you!

19 Jun

Adam Dowell lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where the mountains are big and the women are lacking. He warms up on lines that would make most people crap their pants and curl up into the fetal position, all while listening to metal. He’s paid his dues, worked his ass off to get where he’s at, and now he wants to give you some answers to some questions I shot at him. So here’s a look into one of Jackson Holes up and comers.

The obligatory sponsors list?

Camber or Reverse Camber which one do you ride and why?

AD: For filming I like camber. I know it and can trust it to perform. I’ve ridden reverse before but I’d say it’s just fun on a pow day at the resort.

Jackson Hole has some serious snowboard legends there, what was it like growing up in the presence of these guys and how has it helped shape you as a rider?

AD: I feel very blessed to have the roll models I do here in Jackson. Every one of them is on the level and takes snowboarding seriously. I was very lucky that my brother Brodi was a pro back in the day and so I sort of had an in with guys like Bryan Iguchi, Lance Pitman, Rob Kingwill, and Willie Mcmillon. I definitely had to prove that I deserved to ride with them, but they all took me under their wing which is important in snowboarding. Rice was only a few years older than me so him and I were friends before we ever even rode together. I work very hard in the backcountry with the people I ride with around here because they’re all extremely knowledgeable and don’t fuck around. A major part of being the youngest guy in the crew is the fact that those guys will make you hit shit first and prove yourself which has for sure shaped my riding.

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